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🎬 Nervous System & Heart Rate Under Q Learning

Edit: The conversation on the heart rate vs energy system was done in the context of Q learning : State vs Action. That concept is talked about extensively during Coaches Week (and all of day 1 basically), and everyone in that room understood the conversation being done in that particular context It is VERY important to understand that fact. I am not saying energy system training does not work, i am saying energy systems are part of the Action process, that they are dependent on the nervous system (representing the State). So the base of the pyramid would be the CNS, and the effects on the energy systems would be based on that I actually said Opex at 7:14 as part of the methods using energy systems. I am in no way suggesting that is all they do, nor am i disrespecting their system At that time i was perhaps a bit too excited ill admit about the new concept and jesting a bit. I do that a lot, and forgot the camera was rolling. This was not me calling anybody out, i want to make this clear – These are the last moments of the Coaches Week at CF Invictus, San Diego. At this time everybody went through four day of intense learning, understanding, trying, thinking and maybe even doubting. During this last hour Coach still manages to come in and give you another rabbit hole to look into and he didn’t knew that the camera was still recording – it’s the dedication that is driving us coaches and we shall never stop learning and trying new things!

Updated on March 17, 2020

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