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🎀 Episode 15: Auto-Regulation Nutrition Q&A

We’ve received all sorts of questions in regards to the Auto-Regulation Nutrition protocols that we’ve been speaking about since Episode 6.. This week, we answer a handful of the most common questions and update you on a few of the new developments we’ve made on the subject now that we have a large quantity of people working with the protocol.

We also have added a bonus interview at the end of the episode with Andi of CrossFit KΓΆrperschmiede in Munich, member of the SF Mentoring Program . We talk about his experience at the Assessment Weekend in Utrecht and how the StrongFit Nutritional concepts combined with the StrongFit training principles create an intense training and reinforcement stimulus…. Julien may have jumped in a few times on this one as well, … πŸ˜‰

Updated on May 18, 2020

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