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🎬 πŸ–Ό Concept of Critical Mass

Critical Mass

Getting the body ready for homeostasis and hormesis. Raise the good stress and the body will balance.


Quality of a system that seeks to maintain balance. Thrives to stay at mantenance levels.

Limit base. So we must increase and raise the capacity for homeostasis. If we have a higher capacity for homeostasis, we can increase Hormesis (stimulus) wirhout breaking the athlete and therefor increase performance and output.


Favorable response to stress

Concept of gaining through stress stimulus and adaptation. How we make progress to get a desired stiumlus.

Fuel necessary for stimulus. To raise homestasis, must have abalanced hormesis.

Need intensity to create response

Blood flow to build muscle

Have fun in training to learn

Concept of Critical Mass
Homeostasis Hormesis Arch
Updated on March 17, 2020

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