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πŸ“ Circadian Disruption In Psychiatric Disorders

Nearly all psychiatric disorders present with circadian disruption, such as abnormalities in the timing of the sleep-wake cycle, core body temperature rhythms, and melatonin and cortisol secretion. The pathophysiologic significance of circadian abnormalities is a matter of debate, and is alternatively hypothesized to contribute to illness onset and progression (1) causally, as a direct result of genetic vulnerabilities in the circadian system that predispose to psychiatric illness; (2) secondarily, as a result of alterations in the timing of illness-related behavior leading to rhythm desynchronization; or (3) concomitantly, because of overlap in the molecular machinery and neural circuitry of psychiatric illness and the circadian system. In animal models of psychiatric disorders, there is evidence to suggest a causal link between circadian genes and behavioral disorders, but genetic data in humans are less compelling

Updated on March 17, 2020

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