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📝🔬The Hidden Value Of Organizational Health—And How To Capture It – McKinsey & Company

This is fascinating on many levels.

This is the model we will be using for the Evolved Affiliation to do an assessment for gyms (and also for Strongfit as a company).
Wim is in charge of that part, as he is a successful consultant in that filed, as well as still active in the domain of physio-therapy and endurance coach.

First you can see the parallels between training and the model they talk about: health vs competition, with a push toward health being necessary for performance.

You can also see right away how it applies to your gym as well. Turns out business people know business.

I find the 4 clusters of management practices most interesting.
Most of the business advices given to gyms follow the cluster of Market Focused.

But ill argue that a gym (personal training, Crossfit, Running, Powerlifting, etc…) belongs to the cluster Execution Edge.
I have always referred to gyms as hipster coffee shops, and i still believe that to be true.
This explains why i don’t think social media and “selling” more is the answer. That is a market focused idea. In itself it is a successful business model, but not when applied to gyms.
I know some disagree and will argue (and have) that this approach is what will keep the doors open. I disagree.
It’s about perfecting your craft, coaching development, the culture of your gym, etc…

The recent trend of system-driven business models, on top of being objective-driven (a major problem in its own right), will drive the industry in the wrong direction. In those waters only the franchise and large gyms will survive.

Our edge is in the execution. This is how we establish and differentiate ourselves from others. This is why most of us opened our gyms in the first place: we want to make a difference.

If we just become “one of many” then what is the point? Isn’t that approach only leading you to wake up one morning to ask yourself if what you do truly matter, only to realize you are in a Bullshit Job?

The key to success is the execution edge. That is what we feel is necessary and what we will work on on the EA.

You can tell where Strongfit belongs in those Clusters btw. I like this approach a lot and will start studying the McKinsey model and business in general.
I feel this will allow me to learn better and faster.

Read the article here (site requires email sign up to read their studies)


Updated on March 17, 2020

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