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πŸ–Ό The Lactate Arch

Here is a diagram of the Arch I was talking about.
We are made to move, and this is proven by the importance of lactate in the whole system, its production starting when we go into action. In Para-Sympathetic it is socialization: dancing, spending time with friends, sex, etc… in Sympathetic you have exercise, fighting, etc…
The Lactate Threshold is the moment when panic sets in, cortisol pumps in, lipolysis starts and oxidation of lactate becomes a problem.
Lipolysis cannot happen while lactate is being processed, and is something covered by the melanocortin axis, once going full Sympathetic.
On the glycogenesis part: the more you train the better you will be able to create glucose from different sources than carbs. This would be impeded by stimulants, since they push you toward the Sympathetic side.
The Flow – Fight is where you are at your best, most precise state. A paper i showed earlier was showing that the heart is at its most precise when both the Para-Sympathetic and Sympathetic are active.
The key is producing AND using lactate correctly. Lactate is the fuel for muscles, heart, brain and so forth. It has anti-inflammatory properties, the list goes on.
The concept of the Arch is everything as you can see.
Lactate can be produced anaerobically AND aerobically.

Updated on June 7, 2020

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